Welcome to MSMC

Welcome to MSMC

Welcome to MSMC

Welcome to MSMC

Welcome to MSMC

Welcome to MSMC

Welcome to MSMC

Welcome to MSMC

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 9:45 am Sanctuary Service

9:45am FLC Contemporary


Upcoming at Mineral Springs

Fall Festival & Trunk Treat
Saturday, October 28,

Come out and join us for a light hotdog supper and let’s “Fall For Jesus”!!

Activities to include:
Shaved Ice
hot dogs
Face Painting
Trunk Contest

We need CANDY DONATIONS and TRUNKS!!! Buckets for donations will be in entrance to FLC, breezeway to Sanctuary, or drop off at the church office!

Please Note, Trunks need to be set up no later than 2:45pm. We will be trying something a little different this year – keeping trunks open the entire festival. This will give folks the choice to “trunk or treat” whenever they like.

For TRUNK sign up or questions please call or email the church.

Hope to see y’all there!
Happy Fall Y’all!

Forging Family

Forging Family

Forging Family Series begins at the end of October!
We want to be cognizant to allow God to develop healthy and whole families that are
focused on the presence of the Lord. Through the forging fire of the Holy Spirit we can
create lasting bonds that cannot be broken. 'Forging Family' is a series that will begin
that conversation. Join us on this transformative journey through 1 Corinthians as we
seek to strengthen our families, nurture love and unity, and align our homes with the
timeless principles of Scripture. Together, we can build stronger families that serve as
beacons of hope, love, and faith in an ever-changing world. Don't miss out on this
enriching sermon series, and let's embark on this journey toward family renewal and
spiritual growth. Go to series page

“Live for Jesus, Grow Disciples, Change Lives” – It’s more than a clever by-line, it guides our decisions and plans. We hope that what we do will help you encounter Him and build relationships with those who strengthen each other in the faith.

One of the ways we do this is through worship. We offer three worship opportunities each week: a modern worship experience called “The Bridge” at 9:45 in our Family Life Center, Traditional worship services at 9:45 in our Sanctuary and an online worship experience via Facebook.

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Published October 1, 2023

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